Morning Meditation

Heal Your Abundance NOW!

Guided Meditation and Sound Healing with Jennifer Morrison

12:00 pm to 1:00 pm 

$10.00 Admission 

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SPECIAL FOR PARTICIPANTS – All participants receive $10 off a 30-minute private session with Jennifer. This is valid either in-person the day of the event –or- via a phone or Skype session scheduled within 30 days of the event. 

Are you experiencing any limits in the area of Abundance? If so, this Event is for you! Jennifer Morrison, a gifted trans-channel hypnotherapist and intuitive healer, will lead you on a journey to healing blocks to you receiving money, RIGHT NOW. In this guided imagery, we will focusing on releasing ties which bind and limit our relationship with money – opening you to co-creating limitless abundance with Spirit. To help you receive healing at an even deeper level, Jennifer will weave in sound healing using her Crystal and Tibetan singing bowls. This guided meditation will last approximately 45 min. Jennifer will wrap up the last 15 minutes of the session providing channeled messages from Spirit for the group – What is to come in 2017 (the Year of the Rooster) and how you can further expand your finances? Why do I experience Lack?  Your relationship to money is very much tied to feelings of self-worth and how deserving you feel to receive. In you feel undeserving, you may focus more on what you don’t want rather than what you do want. Your thoughts send out a signal to the universe, which is received and manifested. Worry about money (or anything) is low vibration and disrupts the signal to and from Spirit. You may already be getting messages now about how to alter your course to abundance but your emotions may get in the way of your receiving them. Further compounding this is our ties to our families’ and/or ancestors’ limited beliefs on abundance and likelihood of gaining wealth. You may also have past life connections where you took vows of poverty or generally denied yourself what you need. With intention, these limiting beliefs may be cleared, making way for what you actually wish to manifest.

Background on Jennifer Morrison

Jennifer Morrison is an Intuitive Healer who works with Arch Angels and Ascended Masters to channel healing energies and messages to Adults, Children, Animals, Land, Homes, and Businesses – even past events (e.g., trauma from an earthquake or other natural disaster). She is a trans-channel hypnotherapist and energy healer. As she works with her clients / groups, she is able to see exactly what level blocks occurred – at a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual level. Then she channels messages during the guided imagery, which brings the person / people to a state of awareness – allowing them to use their free-will to release blocks permanently. Jennifer is a gifted intuitive capable to seeing impacting emotions, events, connections (e.g., relationships) both in this live and past lives. She is also a medical intuitive, so she is able to see how these impacts have or may manifest physically. She is able to work with Spirit to cut ties and heal these limits, allowing for abundance of health, wealth and happiness.

Jennifer Morrison ~ ~ 480-447-5960.