Vendors – How to Get a Lecture Spot

How to Get a Lecture Spot:

Lecture spots are available at each fair. Cost is $30.00 and Lectures typically start at 9 or 10 am with the last presentation beginning at 4pm. The fair dates are listed on the websites. ( and

If you are interested in becoming a lecturer, we ask that you (1) first pay for your booth, (2) then email us at with the event date that interests you. Please include the title of your presentation and a one paragraph description including key points that you intend to share with your audience.

Please do not make a note that you want a lecture spot on your PayPal payment page. It most probably won’t be seen.

Please understand that we typically have more requests than we have spots available. We reserve the right to select the topics and the lecturers that best fit the event. If we are unable to approve your request at a certain event, you are invited to apply for a spot at the next event.

Though you may request a specific time, we cannot guarantee these times.

Lectures are decided and announced via email to those who have been selected.

Please note that all lectures must have the intention of teaching the attendees something rather than being a sales pitch for a product, company, or service. As a guideline, presentation content should last no more than 45 minutes, allowing 5 to 10 minutes for questions and answers.

We appreciate your willingness to share your unique point of view, and enhance the fair with your presentation.