May 28, 2017


Christine Nicole – Psychic Medium & Intuitive Life Advisor

Christine Nicole was blessed with the gift of being a Psychic Medium and began giving readings and connecting with spirit at the age of two. Her earliest memories are of hearing, seeing, and feeling the presence of those in the Spirit and Angelic realm. She may also experience a sense of their personality, names, scents, memories and other specific details that she will share with you. She has helped many with the grieving process by connecting with loved ones who have passed. She is known for her ability to deliver messages that bring healing, closure, and a deep inner peace. She has a uniquely direct and clear style. Her straightforward and honest presentation of information is a breath of fresh air that helps you understand the details that comes forth with clarity and ease. She does not use Tarot cards or any other tools in her sessions. She is a clear channel to spirit. Christine Nicole also helps clients gain a broader insight into their soul purpose and life path including relationships, love, family, career or business. Christine Nicole offers Psychic Readings, Mediumship, Business Coaching, Life Advising, Matchmaking and Intuitive Kids Mentoring. She is a Certified Mind, Body, Spirit Practitioner and Certified Enneagram Personality Coach.

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Steve Sposili- Intuitive Reader and Spiritual Healer

Steve Sposili is a life-long intuitive reader and spiritual healer. By the age of three, he was aware that he had to ability to ease or eliminate pain in himself and others. He also learned he often knew and understood people at least as well as they knew themselves. Life provided the necessary lessons and challenges that allowed him to develop the natural talents he already possessed. He has studied varies methods of reading as well as different healing modalities. This lead him to becoming a Usui and Karuna Reiki Master Teacher. He has been a professional spiritual counselor (reader) and healer for over a decade. His ultimate goal is to brighten the lives of all with whom he works and intensify each person’s connection to his/her Higher Self/Consciousness. (914) 255-4705

Jennifer Morrison – Medical Intuitive Healer

Jennifer Morrison is a Medical Intuitive Healer who works with Arch Angels / Ascended Masters to channel healing energies, messages for Adults, Children, Animals, Homes. She is a Medical Intuitive, Trans-Channel Hypnotherapist, Energy Healer and more. As she works, she is able to see exactly where blocks are within the body and energy field. Then she channels messages and healing energy, which facilitates permanent release of these blocks. Jennifer is a gifted intuitive capable to seeing impacting emotions, events, connections (e.g., relationships) both in this live and past lives. So she is able to see how these impacts have already or may manifest physically. She works with Spirit to cut ties and heal these limits, allowing for abundance of health, wealth and happiness. She provides Spiritual Counseling, assisting the opening of Intuitive gifts and understanding life path. She is capable of sensing from your intuitive perspective and gives specific guidance on how to “receive”. She is an Animal Communicator. Often a guest speaker – topics – Medical Intuition, Manifesting Abundance and more. Choose from: 15 or 30-minute Intuitive Readings or Spiritual Counseling –or- 30 minute Medical Intuitive Readings / Energy Healing or Past-Life / Akashic Record Readings. Visit her to register for Spiritual development classes. ~ 480-447-5960 ~

John Cain – Psychic Medium

John’s emphasis is on reaching channeled contact, receiving whatever specific information that those in spirit need to get across to the sitter. John can be reached at  / Website

Nina Marie – Tarot Reader & Psychic Intuitive.

Nina Marie is a tarot reader, psychic intuitive & spiritual entrepreneur. Her passion for tarot and astrology started in her late teens but only in recent years she quit her successful corporate career to serve and follow the spiritual path. Nina has been an empath and psychic intuitive since her childhood and the presence of Angels, Spiritual Masters and gentle spirit energies has always been a source of guidance for her. With the help of your Angels, Nina will help you understand your own spiritual path and guide you through the emotionally charged areas of your life. Nina is also here to assist you in better understanding your own journey, releasing fears and taking action towards your highest potential and true happiness.


Tom Jacobs- Intuitive Astrology Readings

Tom Jacobs is an evolutionary astrologer, energy worker, and channel. Based in Tucson, his full-time practice of consultations, coaching, tutoring, and energy work sessions reaches clients all over the world. The author or channel of 16 books on astrology and metaphysics, Tom’s a Level II graduate of evolutionary astrologer Steven Forrest’s Apprentice program (member since 2004) and has worked closely with Ascended Master Djehuty/Thoth/St. Germain/Merlin and Archangel Metatron for over a decade. Tom offers an in-depth monthly forecasting service as well as energetically programmed crystals and stones for you to empower yourself using the vibrations of Djehuty and Metatron. Read more at / (213) 925-6019


MnVeez Crystals – Singing Bowls, Stones and Pendulums

MnVeez Crystals was created by Misty and Veronica a dynamic Mother and Daughter duo. We developed this shop out of pure love for the items we sell and enjoy helping others on their life’s journey. We have happy Crystals that have all been given a loving Reiki charge. We offer a large variety of inventory and love to take special requests. Tapestries, Wands, Pendulums, Incense, Raw Stones, Tumbled Stones, and Singing bowls are just a few of the items you can expect to find at great prices. You can also shop online @ or Mention you saw us at the show and you will receive a discount for your online order.

Phoenix – Author of Phoenix Rising Life’s New Beginning

Phoenix, the dynamic author, motivational speaker, and life coach, has helped countless people find the key to their life and a new beginning. Phoenix received his Bachelor’s Degree in Metaphysical Science and has been honored with special recognition from political dignitaries nationwide.

Phoenix has been interviewed by numerous news outlets regarding his experience in entertainment and his extraordinary writing projects. Phoenix is a man of many talents including author, performer, show producer, and artist management. Phoenix has written three compelling books including his latest, Phoenix Rising: Life’s New Beginning, a powerful self-help guide and Phoenix’s brilliant masterpiece.

Phoenix also developed vital life solutions with Phoenix the Power life coaching, teaching you to overcome any obstacles by helping you break down the walls standing between you and your destiny by releasing your hidden potential to conquer your fears. Phoenix the Power life coaching creates massive change to anyone seeking to improve their relationships, health, family, and life skills. As he continues on his life journey, Phoenix utilizes the motivations of his book, Phoenix Rising: Life’s New Beginning, to bring forth a oneness, connecting people with the universe.

Natures Jewelry Designs

Natures Jewelry Designs is a husband and wife company. They both have always loved rock hunting and being outside hiking or 4 wheeling. The husband always wanted to learn how to work with stones to create and turn the gem stones into cabochons. While, the wife since early childhood was gifted with the abilities of clairvoyant, clairsentience, clairaudience, claircognizance. She is also an herbalist, a web and graphic designer, and a Reiki Master. They were able to combine their passions and talents into the business of intuitive healing Reiki jewelry making.

Natures Jewelry Designs collection offers unique handmade natural healing and Intention gemstone and beaded jewelry inspired by love, spirit, and nature. It helps the wearer attain a balance of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being while strengthening your energy field .

We combined our love of jewelry, spirituality, rock hunting and art to create a one-of-a-kind pieces, created just for you. You will find lots of wire wrapped pendants, gem stone beaded bracelets, necklaces and earrings. We combine gemstones with Swarovski Crystals to diffuse negative energy. Every gemstone has its own properties and vibrations along with healing benefits, we create our jewelry to enhance the stone’s natural beauty and spiritual power. After each piece is finished, it is infused with Reiki healing and unconditional love and prayer. / 623-810-7363 /

De Alva Ward – Shamanic and Intuitive Reiki

My name is De Alva Ward, I am a reverend intuitive energy worker. My modalities consist of Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki, energy intrusion removal, cord cutting, soul retrieval, past life work, power animal retrieval, empathic care, house cleansings, blessings, drumming circles, and shamanic journeying. I am Native American of Kaibab Paiute and Hopi descent. A clan member of the Badger/Butterfly Clan. My spiritual path is from my culture. I incorporate my spiritual ways in my ceremonies and energy work. The energy work I do is spirit guided from Power Animals, Angels, Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters, and Ancestors. I have been guided by spirit to help all people of every race, religion, male, or female to understand the gifts that the creator has bestowed up on them that they don’t understand. Many people are intuitive, empathic, and light workers walking the earth with no understanding why they are the way they are. My calling is to provide guidance to these people to help them understand these abilities for their highest good. I give guidance by connecting to mother earth, heavenly realm, and the four elements. The universe is connected in so many ways. Every living being on earth is energy which means we are all connected to each other. That is how we effect one another. Love and Light of the universe and the source is our healer.

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Lillie Conard- Psychic Medium

Lillie Conard is a gifted Psychic/Medium rom northern Virginia. She discovered her incredible gifts at a very young age. At the age of 11 she had her first paranormal experience in a home that dated back 200 years. Over the 20 years, she has attended many spiritual, psychic & mediumship development classes, and received mentoring to advance her abilities. She has developed these gifts into a professional practice with clients throughout the United States and internationally.
During a reading, Lillie connects with angels and guides to deliver messages, as well as, teach you spirituality to guide you along your path. She connects with loved ones that have passed over to bring messages of healing, closure, and love.
Lillie is experienced in communicating with spirits, attachment removal, energy clearing, and twin flame relationships.

703-409-8839 / / / Twitter: @LillieConard

John Cain – Psychic Medium

John’s emphasis is on reaching channeled contact, receiving whatever specific information that those in spirit need to get across to the sitter. John can be reached at website:

Spider Woman Therapies – Shamanic Healer and Psychic Medium

Who I am: I am a shamanic healer who was gifted the medicine of Grandmother Spider to help people heal. I am a facilitator who helps you heal yourself through the magic of the Shamanic Arts, as well as other gifts. I am a strong intuitive, clairvoyant (seeing), clairvaudient (hearing), as well as an extremely strong empath (feeling). I was a gifted child, and honed my skills in Florida, Sedona, as well as Tucson (we never stop learning). I see and feel auras, spirit guides, and can even sometimes communicate with those who have passed on who have messages for us.
What I am offering: I will begin my clearing away the negative energy you are holding on to, then I align and open up each individual chakra. As I go about doing this, I am led to move my hands to the areas on your body that needs the most work. I get messages in as to what is the root of the cause of your dis-ease, and I share these with you, letting you know how to change things. I help you to understand and release why you feel stuck. All throughout, I am doing energy work on you and helping you to understand what is happening. I am very big on teaching, not just doing. At the end of each session I will answer any questions you have, and you may choose an oracle card to read if you wish.

Ilise – SpiderWoman Therapies – Tucson, AZ / 310.968.4325 /

Purple Lotus Productions

Purple Lotus Productions is a family owned business run by a Mother and Daughter Duo, Erin McNamara and Robin Selby. Robin started helping keep Erin organized while doing readings at Psychic Fairs. When Robin began displaying her hand crafted items people were delighted and Purple Lotus was born. The collaboration of Robin, through her artistic gifts, and Erin, through her intuitive gifts, creates products and services that offer encouragement and inspiration for your journey of spiritual enlightenment and awakening. These items are fun and beautiful bringing healing and joy to body, mind and spirit making them excellent gifts for yourself and others. PLP’s offerings include Bath products, Hand Crafted Cards, One of a Kind Art Pieces, Amazing Jewelry and Reiki, Tarot, and Healing Sessions. As well as Workshops, Parties and Expo Production. Like them on Facebook to learn about new product offerings and events and shows where you can meet them in person.

Lori Hines – Author, Intuitive & Speaker

Lori Hines is an author, intuitive, spiritual counselor and public speaker who does lectures on Southwestern history, spirit guide communication and past lives. Publishing credits include a number of short stories and The Ancient Ones series—paranormal mysteries set in the Southwest that include The Ancient Ones, Caves of the Watchers and Whispers Among the Ruins. Her books have factual elements of Southwest history, Native American history and culture, and the metaphysical. The fourth installment, A Piece of Time, will be released at a future date. She can be found online at or at

Debbie Z – Zibu Angelic Symbols

Debbie Z developed a unique connection to the Angelic Realm in 2002, when she was visited by an Angel during a Reiki session. She learned that the graceful symbols that she had been drawing through automatic writing were Angelic healing symbols. Debbie has been recreating these powerful symbols in a variety of forms using metals and semi-precious gemstones. She is guided on every step throughout the creative process, and each piece is infused with love and healing energies to assist the recipient. The Angels have also guided Debbie in healing energy work using Zibu symbols, which she does in person as well as by phone or Skype. Debbie also developed Henna Therapy, where energy work is performed through the application to the skin of hand-drawn temporary henna designs of embellished Zibu symbols. Debbie has authored two books about Zibu, “Illuminated Prayers & Zibu Meditations” (2016) and “Zibu: The Power of Angelic Symbology” (2007).  She has also created a deck of cards featuring these power symbols called “Zibu Angelic Symbols Affirmation & Oracle Deck” (2016).    /

Bob The Psychic

Bob The Psychic helps people connect to their inner wisdom and discover fulfillment in both their personal and professional lives. Using his intuitive gift, he answers questions with messages of hope that ease fears and provide a sense of peace and confidence. Bob’s clients will tell you they always end up feeling relieved and better connected to what is most important in their lives. Bob The Psychic appears at many events each month across the Phoenix Area including the Phoenix First Friday Artwalk near the corner of 4th Street and Roosevelt. Bob is also a reader at the Arizona Renaissance Festival and was invited to join the “Best American Psychics” group where he offers phone readings to people from around the world.
You can find many reviews from Bob’s clients by looking up Bob The Psychic in Scottsdale Arizona on For more information about Bob and to book a consultation, visit today.

Sherry Reuss – Psychic Tarot Reader

A Phoenix-based Psychic, Medium, Teacher, Shaman, and Open Channel, with a long-standing, successful practice in the Valley of the Sun. She is excellent at assisting clients with all types of issues and situations, such as career, finances, health, moving and relocation, romantic and professional relationships, past lives, connecting with deceased loved ones or one’s destiny. Her readings provide clarity, hope, and solutions to almost every problem on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level.
Learn more about Sherry @ Email: or Call/Text: 602.694.4720

Martha Reed – Intuitive Tarot Reader

Martha is an “Intuitive” Tarot reader and brings years of experience and study to her readings. She is a member of the American Tarot Association and has been rated an Experienced Reader. She uses various intuitive abilities, including clairsentience (clear-feeling) and claircognizance (clear-knowing), to interpret the cards. Each card has a many possible meanings, some of which are not found in any book and her intuition tells her the right meaning for the client and the situation at hand. At times the cards are simply a trigger and the reading is almost completely intuition at work. Martha is also a Reiki Master/Teacher and a crystal healer.

Cleopatra’s Temple of Egypt

Grand Master Jennifer Gerhardt discovered the fascinating world of Tarot nearly thirty-one years ago! Purchasing her first Tarot deck while still a student studying Business Administration at the University of Arizona, she ditched the accounting and finance books after graduating to study Mary K. Greer’s book TAROT FOR YOUR SELF—what she truly wished to learn! After months of diligent study, however, she threw up her hands in total frustration, tossed Mary Greer’s book aside (never to be opened again), then jabbed her fist to the heavens a la Scarlet O’Hara, passionately exclaiming “Someday I’ll know the real meaning of these cards!” Twenty years later Jennifer did learn the “real” meanings of the Tarot cards—by learning they are not just a fun system for divination. Instead, she learned they are Esoteric tools that represent inter-dimensional dynamics of how humans create their reality at subconscious and superconscious levels. Thus, they are tools for wielding consciousness as well as spiritual power! After many years of guidance from inter-dimensional beings and Ascended Masters, Jennifer now uses the Tarot as a powerful tool to help people delve into their various Soul levels of consciousness. The Tarot assists in determining how and why people have manifested their specific experiences—and intuition allows insight into how people can truly change their reality for success and joy. Thus, Jennifer describes herself as a psychic Tarot Reader—not just a Tarot Reader. There is a difference. And that difference is what sets Jennifer apart when reading these mysterious pictographs of Esoteric power!