Free Hourly Lectures

10:00 am

11:00 am

Twin Flames: Magic vs Myth

Michelle Hoyt and Timothy Murphy

12:00 pm

Holographic Reality, Healing, and The Nervous System

Viviane Chauvet

 1:00 pm

Guide to Self Meditation as a Self Care Tool

Suzanne Gonzalez

2:00 pm

Three Powers of Self Mastery: Dreams, Waking Visions & Silent Releases. . .

Grand Master Jennifer S. Gerhardt

3:00 pm

4:00 pm

Dream Symbols: From Esoteric “Mystery School” Teaching

Grand Master Jennifer S. Gerhardt

Twin Flames: Magic vs Myth

11am  – Michelle Hoyt and Timothy Murphy

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Vibrational shifts in the planet are calling more Twin Flames to unite and assist in energetic change!

In this engaging and informative lecture, Twin Flames and Energy Healers Michelle Hoyt and Timothy Murphy will share their experiences of their own Twin Flame Unions, and how, as Twin Flames, they were called to work together for a higher purpose.

You will:
*Hear Michelle’s Twin Flame story and how the Twin Flame Union doesn’t end with physical death
*Hear Tim’s Twin Flame story and how it looks in day-to-day married life
*Clarify myths and misconceptions from the reality of Twin Flame Unions
*Learn what Twin Flames are and how they differ from Soul Mates
*Discover the signs of Twin Flame Union
*Have an opportunity to connect energetically with YOUR Twin Flame

Speaker Info:
Michelle Hoyt has been working with energy and communicating with Archangels and spirits since early childhood. Though she worked as an RN since 1995, Spirit took her on a wild and wonderful journey, insisting that she go public with her psychic and energy healing gifts. And that she did! Soon after fully surrending to her life purpose, she reunited with her Twin Flame, Greg (aka Gus). Gus transitioned to Spirit in August 2016, but their love and work together continues. Michelle now focuses her work on showing people what’s truly possible in relationships and in life! Using her gifts of healing, mediumship, and soul coaching, Michelle helps others create the lives of their dreams. She can be reached at 480-205-5055 or at

Timothy Murphy is a lifelong martial artist and personal counselor. He holds a BA in psychology and has trained in multiple healing modalities. Timothy realized his involvement in a Twin Flame Reunion several years ago and had been excited to share his experiences for the education & betterment of others. Timothy’s passion lies with the improvement and evolution of his fellow humans. His goal is the full time pursuit of this endeavor.

Holographic Reality, Healing, and The Nervous System

12:00 pm –  Viviane Chauvet


We are multidimensional Beings of Light who are an integrated part of a Holographic Universe. Just like a Rainbow is described as a holographic projection of light through water, life itself is considered as a projection of light through the nervous system. Your body is an elaborated, conscious instrument though which spirit experiences life in physicality. Imagine your nervous system as an intricate communication interface that interacts with all aspects of the Universe. Human Beings were designed to be and stay connected to Source even in physical forms. The Nervous System is similar to a gateway, a highway of Light that connects and integrates all experiences from Life to the Universe. Your perception is generated by the nervous system, including the way you see, feel, and experience events. It contains layers of information that defines the state of your body’s health. To better understand how your nervous system connects to Source is to gain a clearer and deeper understanding of who you are. Join us for this Enlightening Lecture filled with Energy!   To Schedule a Healing Session & Psychic Reading:
480-358-7994, Email:

 Guide to Self meditation as a Self Care Tool

1:00 pm – Suzanne Gonzalez


Your guide to self meditation as a self care tool. We are so often taught to multitask from the minute we wake up to the minute we go to sleep. I’ve even seen people on conference calls while they’re at the gym on the treadmill! Then we windup drinking more caffeine and stimulants throughout the day and taking more sleep aids at night. In this time frame we shall learn self meditation with beads to benefit every aspect of life. Meditate while we’re going to sleep at night will assist in shut down from the day and producing more sound for sleep. Meditate on your lunch break will bringing more energy and patience for a more productive day . Meditation can assist with lowering blood pressure, will create better focus, will clear the way for problem solving. There are countless ways meditation can benefit your life ! Endless ways of reprogramming yourself for anything and everything you wish to achieve ,manifest and experience ! If you already have meditation beads please bring them , if not I will have mediation beads on sale prior to the beginning of this lecture. See You There!

The Three Powers of Self- MASTERY: Dreams, Waking Visions & Silent Releases. . .



The three spiritual abilities of the Soul are presented in relation to the Kabbalistic Tree of Life diagram: Dreams, Waking Visions, and Silent Releases. Spiritual exercises are given for acquiring unity with each of these three levels of the Soul. Learn unusual details such as the fact the Tree of Life must be turned upside down in order to access the appropriate references for the Soul [Nephesh (Hebrew)/Nephthys (Ancient Egyptian) at the Sephira of Yesod]. In other words, Yesod/Moon is the representation of the astral dimension into which we experience a window every night—our Dreams!

The purpose and esoteric interpretation of Dream symbols is presented. You’ll also learn how the Soul travels up and down the Chakra line throughout the day; returning every night to process at the ‘window’ of the Third Eye! The reasons for avoiding Astral Projection at night are emphasized; along with how waking hypnosis is conducted, and how to prevent it!

Presentation of Waking Visions, the second ability; what they are and how they are the precursor to Dream content, and how the mental health field refers to them as “hallucinations.” Silent Releases are sounds heard in the etheric dimension outside the range of human hearing. Untrained activation of this power is described as “hearing voices.”

Activation of, and understanding what the three powers of the Soul are, is the emphasis of this lecture. Fascinating references to Napolean Hill’s Think And Grow Rich—with dream content of the lecturer presented as proof of the veracity of the esoteric principles in this book!

DREAM SYMBOLS: From Esoteric ‘Mystery School’ Teachings. . . .




Would you like to know what your dreams mean? Come learn the esoteric meaning of dream symbols! Esoteric symbolism is the spiritual meaning of dreams based upon ancient ‘Mystery School’ teachings, and is entirely different from standard dream interpretation—promoting attainment of Self-Mastery.

Come learn how dreams are the detailed processing of Waking Visions (if you are sufficiently activated to experience them)—and are the blueprint for your experiences in this 3rd (physical) dimension. Thus, if you understand your dreams, you can very effectively direct the course of your everyday life!

You shall learn what sharks, and the ocean, mean in your dreams. And snakes. Water. Insects . . . and even houses, and rooms within houses. Also, highways, cars, and books. Clutter. Shoes. Clothing. Wigs and hair! For example, hair represents your thoughts, because hair ‘comes out of the head’—just as thoughts do. So, a dream about seeing your hairdo all awry (a mess) represents a detrimental influence upon your mind. But that “mess” likely came through as an inter-dimensional “message”—you would look to see if there were any books, missives, notes, and so on in the various dream sets for that night. Dreams are your Soul records, and the Book of Your Soul is written in several ‘sets’ per night.

How about babies? What do babies mean? A baby is called an homunculus in esoteric teachings; and Christmas is the standard socially-accepted spiritual form of such an homunculus. Learn what an homunculus is and you shall begin to understand who you are at Soul level. Have lots of people in your dreams? Those are the mental health profession’s description of dissociated aspects of consciousness. What do you do with them? Ah . . . we shall look to the ‘Massacre of the Innocents’ to glean a bit of understanding! Also, old Tarot cards, as the newer ones only contain a truncated version of the true spiritual teachings from days of yore. . . .

If you are advanced spiritually, you may even know about The Silouette . . . an ancient Egyptian depiction of your rational level of consciousness, and superbly depicted by the Tarot pip card 7 of Cups. Who are we, really? This is, of course, the esoteric question posed by the old Mystery Schools: ‘Man, Know Thyself.’ In order to achieve The Great Work, however, we must use one of the mottos of The Esoteric School of Inner Mastery (The ESIM): ‘Know Thy Dreams.’

If you know your dreams you have attained a level of Self-Mastery! Come learn what’s really in your Soul—and begin The Path to Self-Mastery!