Free Hourly Lectures

10:00 am

 Guide to Self Meditation as a Self Care Tool

Suzanne Gonzalez

 11:00 am

DREAM SYMBOLS: From Esoteric ‘Mystery School’ Teachings

Grand Master Jennifer S. Gerhardt

12:00 pm

Learn the Five Main Extrasensory Perception – 5 Psychic “Clairs”

Viviane Chauvet

 1:00 pm

Caregivers Guide to Raising Intuitive Children

Jennifer Morrison

Guide to Self meditation as a Self Care Tool

10:00 am – Suzanne Gonzalez


Our minds are meant to process, debate & create, it holds power over every cell tissue and organ in our entire body. The more we think the more we want to think. Pushing to the point of stress over load …. breaking down our mental & physical body . Too often we forget or neglect the importance shutting down our minds. Until it’s the wee hours of the morning and we have to get up to work and we can’t figure out why we can’t shut down! we’ve been programming ourselves to go go go so much that we forgotten to program ourselves to shut off.

This simple technique using meditation beads can recharge your entire system in 20 minutes. . Clear and recharged after your morning commute , on your lunch break, at rest stops on long road trips or to Simply turn off at night & get a full night’s sleep .I will be handing out a 10-step protocol to take with you to assist you on your journey. Bring your meditation beads & see you their.

 DREAM SYMBOLS: From Esoteric ‘Mystery School’ Teachings


Would you like to know what your dreams mean? Come learn the esoteric meaning of dream symbols! Esoteric symbolism is the spiritual meaning of dreams based upon ancient ‘Mystery School’ teachings, and is entirely different from standard dream interpretation—promoting attainment of Self-Mastery.

Come learn how dreams are the detailed processing of Waking Visions (if you are sufficiently activated to experience them)—and are the blueprint for your experiences in this 3rd (physical) dimension. Thus, if you understand your dreams, you can very effectively direct the course of your everyday life!

You shall learn what sharks, and the ocean, mean in your dreams. And snakes. Water. Insects . . . and even houses, and rooms within houses. Also, highways, cars, and books. Clutter. Shoes. Clothing. Wigs and hair! For example, hair represents your thoughts, because hair ‘comes out of the head’—just as thoughts do. So, a dream about seeing your hairdo all awry (a mess) represents a detrimental influence upon your mind. But that “mess” likely came through as an inter-dimensional “message”—you would look to see if there were any books, missives, notes, and so on in the various dream sets for that night. Dreams are your Soul records, and the Book of Your Soul is written in several ‘sets’ per night.

How about babies? What do babies mean? A baby is called an homunculus in esoteric teachings; and Christmas is the standard socially-accepted spiritual form of such an homunculus. Learn what an homunculus is and you shall begin to understand who you are at Soul level. Have lots of people in your dreams? Those are the mental health profession’s description of dissociated aspects of consciousness. What do you do with them? Ah . . . we shall look to the ‘Massacre of the Innocents’ to glean a bit of understanding! Also, old Tarot cards, as the newer ones only contain a truncated version of the true spiritual teachings from days of yore. . . .

If you are advanced spiritually, you may even know about The Silouette . . . an ancient Egyptian depiction of your rational level of consciousness, and superbly depicted by the Tarot pip card 7 of Cups. Who are we, really? This is, of course, the esoteric question posed by the old Mystery Schools: ‘Man, Know Thyself.’ In order to achieve The Great Work, however, we must use one of the mottos of The Esoteric School of Inner Mastery (The ESIM): ‘Know Thy Dreams.’

If you know your dreams you have attained a level of Self-Mastery!

Come learn what’s really in your Soul—and begin The Path to Self-Mastery!

Learn the Five Main Extrasensory Perception – 5 Psychic “Clairs”

12:00 pm Viviane Chauvet

Learn and connect with your natural psychic “clairs” that allow you to see, feel, perceive, know, hear, and connect to both the visible and invisible worlds. A clairvoyant can see past, present, and future events. Postcognition can be experienced through claircognizance (psychic knowledge\intuition). Postcognition can also occur through clairtangency (psychic touch) by touching an object. The act of reading an object’s past is called Psychometry, by simply holding a personal item or photo.

Psychics receive their extrasensory information in 5 ways: psychic knowing, touching, hearing, seeing, and feeling. Combined with exercises and meditation, you will also practice to recognize how to use your innate psychic abilities. Using all five “clairs” allow you to tap into your infinite power to co-create and manifest your heart’s desires!

Join us for this Empowering Lecture/Workshop!

 Caregivers Guide to Raising Intuitive Children

1:00 pm Jennifer Morrison

Join us as you receive tips for communicating and supporting Intuitive Children as they learn about their intuitive gifts. Understand how you can tell if your child is intuitive and how best to communicate with them and support his/her learning style.

Why is this important? Intuitive Children who struggle with self-soothing techniques, may be consistently overstimulated. They have problems grounding, then misunderstand the origin of intuitive messages and energy they receive. This stress may lead to mental or emotional issues. It is fairly common for Crystal Children to have immune responses such as food sensitivities, ADD/ADHD.

Learn as caregivers (whether a parent, grandparent, teacher, guide) how to intentionally “turn off” so you can make things “quiet” for your beloved child. Also, learn tips for short-hand communication. All of this helps makes things easier for the child to be healthy, happy and to see intuition as the gift that it is.

Jennifer Morrison, Medical Intuitive / Shamanic Healer / Spiritual Guide sees clients by phone and Skype. She serves Adults, Children, Animals and Land/Homes. Visit her at or call her at 480-447-5960 for more information.